Client Love for Mind

Body Soul Mastery

Client Love for Mind

Body Soul Mastery

“I’ve had more growth in these 4 months, than I had previously in my entire life. Jeremy is a fountain of knowledge, and this man basically pours his brain into yours and teaches you how to integrate this stuff into your life- to create your dream reality. This is the stuff people spend YEARS trying to figure out, and MBS just lays it all out for you.”

“Prior to entering MBS, I was in a very very dark place. I was almost ready to take my own life because I felt that my only options were between living my life as someone who I didn’t want to be- and committing suicide. I didn’t really see any other way out… During MBS, I was given the tools to operate as my highest self. I was shown the path from despair to righteousness. I was shown the path from being lost to achieving progress towards my passion. I was able to integrate the dark aspects of myself, bring those things into the light, and come out as a holistically better person… Without these tools- I can’t guarantee that I would still be here today.”

“I don’t even know where to start with how transformational this program has been for me. I’ve literally transformed more in 4 months- than I have in my entire life.. And I’ve been in MANY different programs before this- like I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars.. And nothing compares to MBS. I am a completely different person than who I was 4 months ago.”

“Here are just a few of the things that I’ve experienced since MBS…. Deeper gratitude than I ever have- to the point of tears. Better sleep quality than I’ve ever had. Higher sex drive and better sex than I’ve ever had. Better client check ins than I’ve ever had. Anything I’ve ever experienced- it was tenfold after implementing what Jeremy has taught.”


“I would’ve been working at this for a LOT longer, and a LOT slower pace. The speed at which I have moved through my own personal growth is exactly what I wanted and what I needed. I find myself in this new chapter of my life, and I have this WHOLE SET of tools to draw from.. Because I worked with Jeremy and he was a mentor to me. He showed me how to be better to myself.”

“Working with Jeremy has enabled me to level up in so many aspects of my life. I’m living very much for today and in the present. I’m very much in a flow state now. I don’t feel stuck anymore. I used to feel like I was hitting wall after wall- it was very much a repeated cycle.”

 “Some of the best things that have come out of this program are the CLARITY, the HAPPINESS, the JOY, the absolute LOVE for myself and for creation. It brings me to tears and to my knees sometimes- thinking about what I used to be like before MBS and how I am now. It’s really unrecognizable, and it’s honestly an incredible feeling to think about. The JOY and HAPPINESS and LOVE I feel in my life now- I honestly thought I could only reach when doing drugs…”

Something that is very special about Jeremy is that he has an innate ability to take all of these dense topics and ideas- and break them down into very bite sized, digestible, teachings. Especially as someone who wants to be a coach or wants to learn and be able to APPLY it- and Jeremy has MASTERED that. It is insane the wealth of knowledge that this man has.”


“Prior to working with Jeremy, I had SO many ideas.. So many things written down (but never executed on). After working with him- my CLARITY and ALIGNMENT went through the roof, and because of that- I was able to launch my own online Business! It took me a while to do this before, because I was so focused on the PHYSICAL aspects of transformation, but not so much the INTERNAL aspects of transformation.. And that’s exactly what we dove deep into in MBS, week by week.”

This is for anyone who truly wants to improve themselves, change their habits, overcome things that are holding them back.. And help them improve every part of their life. The MBS tools helped me get through one of the hardest parts of my entire life.”

Everything to do with my mindset has COMPLETELY changed.. Even my friend circle has changed. The people that I attract into my life- it’s all now with intention. That is largely something that Jeremy has taught me- and I am so appreciative of it.”

“I have almost what I call a flow state now- I just feel overwhelmingly grateful every day. It’s very very different, and it blows my mind with how different I feel- and again, it’s only been seven weeks. As far as being a better coach- I’ve learned such awesome things for myself- it’s made me forever grateful that I can change other people’s lives now, just by learning what I’ve learned through Jeremy.”

“One of the reasons I signed up for this is because I didn’t feel completely confident in coaching other people and sometimes I felt like I wasn’t certain what to do next. I’ve gotten so much CONFIDENCE and CLARITY after doing this program- Jeremy goes into so much detail and also has really intelligent HW designed so you’ll have a really easy time picking up everything he’s teaching you. Now I feel WAY more confident, and just a few weeks into MBS- I increased my prices by 400% and I scored a new client just a few days after.”

“MBS is ahead of its time. A lot of the things that are talked about in the course- I’ve never heard of before… No one is really talking about it. This program gives you a bit of a competitive edge and puts you ahead of the game. There’s things that you think you have a good grasp on.. things that you’ve believed for sometime.. But throughout the process- your viewpoints will change.”

For me; unlearning habits and behaviors was probably the most challenging aspect of the program, but ended up being my favorite part of MBS. Before my journey through MBS I came from a place of self-resentment and lack. My reality was set to constant cycles of negativity, toxic relationships, and self-sabotage. It was extremely difficult for me to break from these habits through the years of conditioning. Through this experience, I have been able to instill healthier belief systems and implement new changes that have ultimately shifted my paradigms about life itself- and the world, as I see it. It’s been an amazing journey and I would HIGHLY recommend Jeremy’s programs to anyone that wants to make lasting changes in their life. 🙂