Client Love for Aligned


Client Love for Aligned Entrepreneur

Jeremy basically showed us how we can increase our income dramatically, while working FAR less and not feeling BURNT OUT and unfulfilled in the process. Looking back, I don’t think we would’ve been able to make these changes on our own. We were really stuck in the mindset of thinking we needed to work harder and take longer days, and we felt guilty if we wanted to simply take a day off.”

“I had fantastic success, I didn’t have to cold message ONE single person to get clients- they all came to me. A few weeks after announcing- I got enough clients to where I was able to QUIT MY JOB Personal Training. Can you tell how happy I am?!”

“I have never worked with someone so authentic and so knowledgeable in their field, period. That’s just the absolute truth, and I’ve worked with some high level coaches before. I don’t see anyone offering what he offers, in general. I learned more from this program, than I have in my entire schooling career. I mean from Pre-K through College, and those are just cold hard facts. He helped me develop a program, and gave me the CONFIDENCE to do so- that I would have never ever had, if I didn’t have him in my corner.”

“Last year when I met Jeremy, I was at this place where I had all of these ideas and ambitions- but I didn’t know how to start. Jeremy helped me discern which parts of my life were actually important ALIGNED with my values and my dreams, and he brought me so much CLARITY on how to proceed when it comes to chasing my dreams and becoming the person that I know I am. Fast forward to now, I am at this place where I have a real business and am about to hire my first employee- I literally could not have done that if it weren’t for HIM helping ground my lofty ideas and creative energy that I had going on.”

“I was so lost and I didn’t know what action to take. Jeremy has taught me so many ways to leverage my business and speak to clients- to the point that I am actually starting to get the confidence that I can quit my 9-5 right now.. It’s crazy how much of a mindset shift that has been in such a short period of time!”

“I’m not exaggerating or stretching the truth in any way when I say that my mentality and my outlook on the way that I view the world are DRASTICALLY different than they were before AE. I did learn business strategies and tactics and processes, but the most profound impact that this experience had on me was the way that I view myself… what it is that I can offer the world. How can I help people? How can I be there for others? To me- that is the most incredible thing. This has been the most fulfilling experience- to go from having no clue what I want out of life, to actually having a business and clients- and seeing changes in my clients that get them from feeling inadequate, to feeling fulfilled and thriving.”

“Before I knew kinda what I wanted, but I would always have these doubts. Is this really possible? Can I actually do this? Whereas NOW, I genuinely feel that it’s only a matter of time and I am pretty much already successful! I just need to continually do the things that I’ve learned from this program, and if I do- there’s nothing that can stop me from getting what I want.”

“When Jeremy and I started working together- it was a lot of going back to the core of my WHY. What do I want? Things that I didn’t even think about, but were so essential to the growth of my business.. I was pretty blown away by the amount of information that he was able to provide me with. I was able to see a WHOLE other side of my work that I wasn’t able to tap into beforehand. Everything came into CLARITY, and It really allowed me to SHIFT in such a beautiful way.”